The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 

After two decades in corporate pharma leading large cross-functional teams, I noticed my perspective changing about the work I was doing. When the content became less fulfilling, the part of my job I never stopped loving was the leading, coaching, and connection with my teams. 

I thought I had to be one thing, a career woman. I thought it was the only way to show the world and my boys that women are strong. But I was craving a new way to make an impact. I asked a lot of hard questions and ultimately faced the reality that the path I was on wasn’t my own anymore. My coach asked if I could be anything, what would it be and I said “you!”


So I am redirecting my years of corporate leadership experience and my passion for connection to carve a new path in executive coaching. Through the Co-Active Training Institute, I am fully trained and energized to help professionals reconnect with their authentic selves to create the life they want, in and outside of work.

My coach asked if I could be anything, what would it be and I said "you!"

Hello, I am
Angelique Valinoti

Hello, I am Angelique Valinoti

"Working with Angelique has opened up a whole new way of looking at my career and role as a leader. I was struggling with my purpose... I am now defining the career that fits my strengths, instead of what I think I 'should' want. I highly recommend anyone at any stage in their career to consider her coaching help. She's a gifted listener and a skilled guide."

What people are saying

Victoria S., strategy principal

"I'm so grateful for what I’ve learned about myself by working with Angelique. By carefully listening, asking thoughtful questions and giving me space to explore what was driving my reactions to challenging situations, I was able to build new tools and approaches to my work (and my life!). She is patient, open and so genuinely invested in outcomes for her clients.”

What people are saying

Melissa S., VP Marketing

"When I started with Angelique, I knew I needed a change but was scared to jump. Angelique was amazing at giving me guidance to feel comfortable while making a huge change. She helped me realize my passion can be anything in life. She supported me as we found my values and skills sets. I am excited for this change and wouldn't have this new confidence without working with her.”

What people are saying


What people are saying

"You are such a great coach and I have so much to learn from you. It was your coaching that sparked me to add the point about JOY into my life’s purpose. So thank you, thank you for that. And I love the energy and confidence you exude. You really have a gift!!!"


What people are saying

"From the first session, I saw Angelique's passion for helping people. Her ability to thoughtfully guide and
aid me in finding my own inner strength helped me identify important, key elements of my life that I had never realized prior, ultimately adding so much value to my life."


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